Friday, July 24, 2009

Lily's blood work results

Great news!!! Lily's blood work from her first 7 days of chemo have come back 
looking good. Her hemoglobin and hemacrite levels are all good and her platelets 
level (which the Temodar are supposed to lessen) are better than when she left 
the hospital last week. Also our case RN, Julene said that Lily is very well 
hydrated and her potassium all look good. I told her that I have been feeding 
Lily every chance that I get to fatten her up and keep her strength up so that 
the chemo doesn't affect her too bad and I feel good that it has helped. She has 
also gained about .66 pounds since leaving the hospital 5 days ago. We go back 
to the clinic on Tuesday for more blood draws to make sure Lily can start her 
2nd part of the chemo cycle on Wednesday. Hopefully the results will be good so 
that we can start the next part and the results will be good like the first part 
of her chemo cycle. 

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