Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lily's MRI results

Praise God!!!  We got an early New Year's gift today!  There is no sign of tumor 
recurrence in Lily's MRI.  Thank you so much again for all your prayers and well 
wishes -- they were especially meaningful this time around because of the 
seizure scare, sibling illnesses and all the holiday stress that was going on. 
I hope you all have a wonderful and safe New Year's.  Please know that you all 
will be thought of as we welcome the New Year and know how blessed we are to 
have your love and support.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

3 months

Wow it's hard to believe that 3 months have gone by so quickly since her last 
MRI.  Lily is scheduled for her next MRI this coming Wednesday, December 23.  
Please keep her in your prayers that she's still clear and the tumor hasn't come 
Last week, she gave us a little scare we had to take her to the ER at 2am on 
Tuesday because she woke up shaking and they wanted to monitor her and run tests 
on her to make sure she didn't have a blood infection. Thank God all her blood 
tests came back negative.  So now we suspect her shaking may have been a 
seizure.  Lily was released from the hospital the next day but on Thursday at 
the beginning of her PT session she started doing some startling motions that 
her therapist suspects were mini seizures.  Lily had an EEG done the Tuesday 
before Thanksgiving and I thought since I hadn't heard from the neurologist that 
'no news was good news' but the oncologist team contacted the neurologist since 
they suspect she was having seizures and apparently her results were abnormal 
(why I wasn't contacted -- is another story) and they have up'd her anti-seizure 
medications and we are awaiting for an appointment with the neurologist.  She 
has had a couple of small tremors which causes me to hold my breath but 
hopefully she won't have any major seizures before we can see the neurologist. I 
am just hoping for a quiet, hospital free holiday :-) 
On a positive note, she slowly progresses in development.  Her two bottom tooth 
have broken through her gums so it looks like rice kernels stuck on her gums and 
just today she put a puff in her mouth.  We were cheering her on as she put the 
puff to her mouth!  Small accomplishements for us but great leaps for someone 
who has had brain surgery. 
 I hope that you all have a nice holiday spent with loved ones and thank you SO 
SO much from the bottom of my heart for keeping Lily in your prayers.