Wednesday, July 8, 2009

When it rains, it pours...

Sammy had his 4 month appt yesterday and he is above the 95th percentile for his 
height and weight and 70% for his head circumference! The doctor wants to 
schedule an MRI for Sammy as soon as possible because of his big jump in head 
circumference but she says it is only precautionary measures because she thinks 
the big jump in numbers is pretty proportional to a growth spurt but they just 
want to be sure. Then as she was examining his legs she noticed that they were 
disproportionate so she ordered an xray for him which i got done today, to check 
for hip dysplasia...when it rains it pours!!! At least his umbilical hernia has 
gone away. Then Danika's eczema has been acting up so i should reschedule her 
appointment with the dermatologist but Lily goes into the hospital this coming 
Monday to start chemo treatment. So I just want to focus on that to make sure 
she gets through the treatments and we learn how to administer the meds when she 
comes home. Also they will be putting a V.A.D. in her chest because they will 
have to be testing her quite a bit for blood platelets and other things so they 
don't want to keep poking her to draw blood. So we will have to learn how to 
keep it clean and administer heparin to prevent clots. I am hoping she responds 
well to the chemo treatment and has no infections or complications. 

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