Monday, July 20, 2009

Some rays of sunshine...

Sammy's Xray results came back and he is normal!!! YIPPEEE!!!! He is scheduled 
for his MRI in the beginning of August and I am hoping they don't find anything. 
Lily started her chemo last Wednesday and is reacting pretty good to it, she has 
only thrown up twice but not alot and her appetite is good and she even looks 
like she has gained a little weight. She had gained weight in the hospital (6.95 
to 7.1 Kg) and the nurses were saying that 'usually their patients lose weight 
not gain it while in the hospital'. I am just praying that she doesn't get any 
infections, I feel like I am constantly checking her temperature and breathing a 
sigh of relief everytime I feel her forehead and she doesn't feel hot. 

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