Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Lily's been home for 5 days now and she is slowly getting better with a few 
setbacks.  She is able to slowly turn her head and is tracking things now but 
tires easily.  The only thing that worries me is that she has been throwing up 
and I put a call in to the neurosurgeon on call the night of July 4th but he 
says her throwing up is expected especially what she has been through and as 
long as she isn't showing signs of dehydration or swelling she should be fine 
but it is scary nonetheless. 
We met with the oncologist yesterday and she wants to start chemo treatment on 
Temodar next week.  She will be admitted back into CHOC on Monday and will 
hopefully only have to stay in the hospital for 4-5 days so they can do an MRI 
and monitor how her reaction to the chemo drug.  If she can tolerate it and her 
blood count level stays stable they will let us take her home and give her the 
treatments at home.  I am SO SO scared but I know God is with her and will be 
with her every step of the way...I just have to trust.  I will be staying in the 
hospital with her and Magnus and my dad will be home with Danika and Sammy.  I 
really wish I could clone myself because not only do I worry about Lily, I also 
worry about Sammy and Danika and how this whole thing is affecting them.  I pray 
that by some miracle Lily will only need one treatment but because of her age 
and how mild the treatment is I feel that they might need to administer multiple 
treatments.  I know she is strong but it hurts for me to see her go through all 
this -- no person should have to go through this! 
Please continue to keep Lily in your prayers especially next week when she 
starts chemo because she will need all the strength she can muster. 
We have an appointment with the neurosurgeon on Thursday so he can check Lily's 
sutures and make sure they are healing well before he signs off on the chemo 
treatment to start next week - hopefully all will go well.  Will update more 

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