Sunday, July 5, 2009

12 days

Has it only been less than 2 weeks
Gosh I feel like I have been put through the ringer these past 12 days! I think I have gone through a range of all emotions but through it all I know God has had His hand there every step of the way. I know He has a Plan and we can't understand it at this moment but I know He is doing His work through Lily. He has performed small miracles that I see when going through the past weeks events. I am strengthened by the thoughtfulness and support of all our family, friends and neighbors and even strangers and new friends we have made along the way. I know we have a LONG uphill battle especially Lily but with everyone's continued prayers I know our lil fighter will get thru this. I just have to keep reminding myself when I hit those low points in the day that God is with us and has not forsaken us.

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