Monday, April 18, 2011


This is the first post written by me, Magnus. The earlier post are all Gennies e-mail updates that I added to this blog.

We spent the weekend at camp thanks to Camp Ronald McDonald for a Good Time.  The camp is specifically for pediatric oncology patients and their families and they have medical staff available for the patients at all times.  We had a wonderful time with families in similar situation as us and a very helpful staff.  Danika loved the camp life and was ready to go to the next camp even before we left.  The twins (Sammy especially) loved roaming around the grounds and the volunteers helped keeping track of him, which is a full time job :-)

It was our first real "vacation" since Lily and Sammy was born and not only was it relaxing, but interacting with the other families was uplifting.  Spending time with people that share a situation like a kid with a very serious illness and see the strength this give to families gives insight in your own situation.

Looking forward to go back next year.