Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lily's MRI results

2 words -> Praise God!!!  Lily's MRI results were good, she is showing no signs 
of tumor growth and her midline shift continues to improve slowly.  Thank you 
ALL so much for your prayers and wonderful thoughts for Lily and our family.  
This is truly proof that prayer works!!!  God-willing she will continue to 
respond well to the chemo and all the rest of the upcoming MRIs will show no 
signs of the tumor reoccurring.  I must admit it was a little nerve-racking 
waiting for the test results but all your well wishes made the situation more 
bearable.  Thanks SO SO much for all the love and support!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Night and Day

Lily did so well through the MRI. She couldn't eat anything after 2am so Magnus 
gave Lily a bottle at 1:30 am and she wasn't able to eat until after the 
procedure which was supposed to be at 8am but they ended up taking her in at 
9:30 so she didn't get to eat until 10:30. 9 hours without eating and all I 
heard out of her was a whimper to let me know that she was hungry. Such a BIG 
difference between her and Sammy. When Sammy had his MRI done after he woke up 
from being under the anesthesia he started crying even though he was hoarse and 
groggy. They were given the same gown so I thought I would post the pics of them 
in the same hospital gown. ;-) By the way these were taken before the MRI was 


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Changing perspectives

So when Lily's neurosurgeon was recommending Sammy get an MRI done to make sure 
he didn't have a brain tumor, I was thinking to myself "DEFINITELY! Even if 
insurance won't pay for it." But now that we actually got it done and we have 
just received the bill my whole perspective changed or at least the attitude of 
'at any cost' went right out the window. Even though insurance is paying for a 
large chunk of the procedure our share is still a pretty hefty sum. So when I go 
to pay the bill I will just have to recall my very first response of 'at any 
cost' and be thankful that Sammy is healthy and sacrifice a few pedicures, hair 
colorings and that new Gucci purse I've been wanting ;-) 
With all the hospital and specialist bills that we are receiving I often wonder 
how people without insurance handle having an illness or having a dependent with 
an illness. Hopefully Pres. Obama's new health care proposals will actually 
bring down the cost of health care. We'll just have to wait and see.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Please keep Lily in our prayers...

We have scheduled Lily's MRI for this coming Wednesday, September 16.  Please 
say a little prayer for her that the MRI goes well and that it still shows that 
her tumor hasn't grown back and if you have some spare prayers can you pray for 
God to send a little sense of calmness to me that I don't drive myself batty 
with worry and anxiety while waiting for her in the waiting room for her MRI to 
finish and also ask God to give me more patience as we wait for the results. 
I get a weekly Bible inspiration/reflection email and received the following 
today.  The topic was "We can trust in God!" and I am taking it as a sign... :-) 
    The question is not "Does God still heal people today?" but 
    rather, "Is it in God's will to heal in any particular case?" 
    That is where prayer and faith come in; we can trust in God! 
I am hoping and praying that my next email will be 'GREAT NEWS'. 
Hope you all have a great weekend!