Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lily's MRI

So Lily had her MRI on Wednesday and that night at 6:40 pm, I got a phone call 
from Dr. Shen, Lily's oncologist, and my heart stopped because I had glanced at 
the clock and saw that it was after the clinic hours. She told me that she had 
just received Lily's MRI results and that it "looked good and that it is still 
clear". OMG did I breathe a great sigh of relief! I was amazed at how quickly 
she got the results and told her so.  Maybe because we are considered frequent 
fliers there at the hospital, since more and more people are recognizing Lily's 
name, they are making our test results a priority.... Or we have an angel 
looking out for us that makes sure our results get expedited! I like that latter 
thought! ;-) Anyways we have received an early and most wonderful Christmas 
miracle and you all have played a very important role with all of your prayers, 
love and support. We will for sure be ringing in the New Year with chilled 
During this holiday season, we wish you a season filled with warmth, love, joy, 
laughter and special memories!