Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lily's first step

This Saturday, Lily took her first 2 steps by herself and without her walker! Oh 
happy day!!! I cannot wait for the day when I can just put her down and she'll 
be off and running. Especially since she is getting heavy to carry. :-) Last 
week, her physical therapist was saying that she wouldn't be surprised if she 
walked any day now and I was just shocked at how fast it is happening! Lily is 
truly amazing! You can't tell her she can't do something because she will do it. 
Actually I think this can pertain to alot of handicapped children - they truly 
are amazing at overcoming their adversities! I was watching 'Extreme Home 
Makeover' last night and the family had adopted a 6 year old triple-amputee and 
the stuff she was doing on the show was truly amazing! 

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