Monday, August 17, 2009

Good news!!!

Sammy's doctor, Dr Cox, called Friday evening and the MRI results showed no 
tumors or bleeding YIPPEEEE!!!!  But the radiologist noticed that he had showed 
some immaturity of myelin development and he recommended another MRI in 6 
months.  Dr. Cox said that she didn't think it was anything to worry about as 
long as he was developing fine, she just wants us to monitor his development.  
Plus she said that she is not sure what the norm is since they usually do not do 
MRIs on healthy 4 month old infants.  He actually rolled over by himself 
yesterday so he seems to be developing normally.  I am hoping that he won't have 
to have another MRI done because he wasn't a happy camper with the whole fasting 
before the MRI and was very woozy from the Versed and anesthesia.  OK I am 
learning way too much about medical terms than I want to ;-) 
Lily's first physical therapy appointment went well.  The PT, Carolyn, gave us 
more exercises to do with her at home.  I didn't realize how strenuous it was 
for her, after 40 minutes she had had enough and started crying during the 
exercises but Carolyn wanted to push her a little more.  Good thing I'm not the 
therapist because I was all "I think she's done" when she started crying.  I 
just have to keep telling myself that this is good for her so she doesn't fall 
behind developmentally.  
Thanks again everyone for keeping the twins in your prayers!!! 

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