Thursday, September 10, 2009

Please keep Lily in our prayers...

We have scheduled Lily's MRI for this coming Wednesday, September 16.  Please 
say a little prayer for her that the MRI goes well and that it still shows that 
her tumor hasn't grown back and if you have some spare prayers can you pray for 
God to send a little sense of calmness to me that I don't drive myself batty 
with worry and anxiety while waiting for her in the waiting room for her MRI to 
finish and also ask God to give me more patience as we wait for the results. 
I get a weekly Bible inspiration/reflection email and received the following 
today.  The topic was "We can trust in God!" and I am taking it as a sign... :-) 
    The question is not "Does God still heal people today?" but 
    rather, "Is it in God's will to heal in any particular case?" 
    That is where prayer and faith come in; we can trust in God! 
I am hoping and praying that my next email will be 'GREAT NEWS'. 
Hope you all have a great weekend!

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