Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Night and Day

Lily did so well through the MRI. She couldn't eat anything after 2am so Magnus 
gave Lily a bottle at 1:30 am and she wasn't able to eat until after the 
procedure which was supposed to be at 8am but they ended up taking her in at 
9:30 so she didn't get to eat until 10:30. 9 hours without eating and all I 
heard out of her was a whimper to let me know that she was hungry. Such a BIG 
difference between her and Sammy. When Sammy had his MRI done after he woke up 
from being under the anesthesia he started crying even though he was hoarse and 
groggy. They were given the same gown so I thought I would post the pics of them 
in the same hospital gown. ;-) By the way these were taken before the MRI was 


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