Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Changing perspectives

So when Lily's neurosurgeon was recommending Sammy get an MRI done to make sure 
he didn't have a brain tumor, I was thinking to myself "DEFINITELY! Even if 
insurance won't pay for it." But now that we actually got it done and we have 
just received the bill my whole perspective changed or at least the attitude of 
'at any cost' went right out the window. Even though insurance is paying for a 
large chunk of the procedure our share is still a pretty hefty sum. So when I go 
to pay the bill I will just have to recall my very first response of 'at any 
cost' and be thankful that Sammy is healthy and sacrifice a few pedicures, hair 
colorings and that new Gucci purse I've been wanting ;-) 
With all the hospital and specialist bills that we are receiving I often wonder 
how people without insurance handle having an illness or having a dependent with 
an illness. Hopefully Pres. Obama's new health care proposals will actually 
bring down the cost of health care. We'll just have to wait and see.

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