Sunday, June 26, 2011

Second Anniversary

Today was the second anniversary of the total resection of Lily's tumor and she have had no signs of any recurrence (knock on wood!). It is a major milestone and we are very happy that we have made it to this point!

It was suitable that CHOC (our hospital) and the American Cancer Society arranged the Courageous Kids Celebration, a carnival for cancer patients and their families today so we got to celebrate the milestone with a day of fun and games.

We also managed to meet up with one of the other CGBM kids that we know of (now 10 in USA). George lives just about 10 miles from us which is quite a coincidence with the small number of cases that we currently know of. We had a great time with George's family, Danika and George's older sister are close in age and hit it off at once. They spend the whole day running around and playing with each other. It is so intersting to share stories and experiences with another family that has been on this road longer than us, George is now 4 years cancer free and is now considered cured!!!

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