Sunday, June 12, 2011


Lily's tumor was detected after she had a seizure and became unresponsive due to bleeding causing pressure on the brain. My wife was home with the twins and had to take them by ambulance to the ER where the tumor was detected.

This Thursday, Sammy had a fever of 102.7 so I took him to the doctors office, while we where there he started shaking and just after the doctor had examined him without finding any reason for the fever, he started a seizure. His muscles tensed up and his eyes rolled back into his eyes and his fever spiked at 104.7. He became unresponsive and we had to take him to the ER by ambulance, a lot similar to the path Lily took almost 2 years ago. The doctor and the paramedics where only expecting a febrile seizure but the scenario was all too familiar.

At the ER Sammy started to react again, and after checking for urine infection and a chest x-ray, they still didn't find any reason for his high fever. The ER doctor concurred with Sammy's own doctor that it was most likely a febrile seizure and because he have already had a MRI to check for tumors, it was not needed at this point. It was quite a scare and probably a good thing I took him to the doctor so Gennie didn't have to relive the whole situation again.

We where sent home with a Motrin/Tylenol cocktail to give him every 3 hours around the clock to keep his fever in check and antibiotics to fight any infection. We will have to keep a close eye on his temperature from now on, when any rapid change in temperature can cause the febrile seizure. He temperature have since then reach normal levels and he has gotten his energy back.

We still have no update on Lily's MRI, so if you would still keep her in your thoughts and prayers, we really appreciate it.


  1. Vilket trauma! Alla de känslor som man lämnat bakom sig ligger strax under huden en sådan här gång. Allt väcks upp igen. Vi har haft några liknade incidenter när Hannes plötsligt fick ont i vänster arm. Det var också falskt alarm men man kastas tillbaka känslomässigt!
    - Feberkramper är ju inte alltför ovanliga, skönt att allt är bra igen. Ni finns i våra tankar, take care...
    /Christina och Ulf

  2. Oj oj oj, det måste ha kännts alldeles förfärligt. Hoppas verkligen att det var en engångshändelse. Ni har haft ert redan tycker vi.
    Love You all