Monday, June 6, 2011

MRI time...

(Gennie's e-mail update)

Oh man despite Lily having to have her MRI every three months, I would have thought that things would be routine by now...but yet again they have changed their policies and now I can't book her MRI  until Lily has seen her oncologist and then I have to wait for the oncologist's office to fax the appointment notes over before they will schedule it. Never a dull moment!  So Lily's MRI will be this coming Wednesday, June 8. If you could keep her in your thoughts and prayers for the next couple of days I would really appreciate it.

Lily continues to develop at a good pace. All her therapies (OT, PT and Speech) are really helping her. Her fighter personality is really coming out, she has even made Sammy and Danika fear her! :-) I have yet to get it on video but it's pretty hilarious! She definitely is not a pushover!

In April, we attended Ronald McDonald Camp for Good Times, a camp for cancer patients and their families and it was amazing the stories we heard and people we came into contact with and how they are dealing with everything is inspiring. The camp was a real eye-opener for Magnus since he doesn't come into contact with them on a weekly basis like I do. This camp has compelled him to start a Congenital Glioblastoma group on Facebook and have found 10 other families that have children with this brain tumor. Three of them being 4-5 years old now which gives us hope!!!
Thanks again for keeping Lily in your thoughts and prayers, we really appreciate it.

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