Sunday, June 28, 2009


OK back to the email...I thought I would be able to use my blog as an update site so I don't have to inundate your email boxes but I can't access that site or facebook while at the hospital and since I am here almost 3/4 of my day I have to go back to using my email account.

Wow what a difference a day makes!!! Me and Magnus checked into the Ronald McDonald House last night so we can spend some time with Sammy and Nika since they can't sleep at the hospital. I felt guilty leaving Lily alone but I know the nurses were taking good care of her and she had a pretty good night except for her spiking a fever. When we arrived at her room this morning, she was awake and had the breathing tubes taken out of her. YIPPEE!!! She looks really well and I got to hold her and feed her!!! She's eating well and even left me a surprise on my jeans while I held her. :-) She is crying a bit which is a welcoming sound to my ears since I haven't heard her in 4 days. They are thinking if she keeps stable they will take out the "Brain drain" tube tomorrow. She is still running warm and they are monitoring her for any signs of an infection, which I am hoping will not develop.

Like I said earlier, I don't want to inundate your email boxes so please let me know if you would still like to continue receiving updates or be taken off this list.

Oh some of you were asking me about Sammy...he is doing good but missing his sister. He has his 4 month appointment tomorrow and I am going to get a referral to have Sammy checked for any tumors. The neurosurgeon said there was a slim chance (5%) but for peace of mind I would like to have him checked, just so I could sleep at night and not have to worry.

Also I can't access my Facebook account, so if you get a chance can you send a message to all of the people you have asked to pray for Lily and keep in their thoughts that we really appreciate it and know that Lily would not be progressing so well if it weren't for everyones thoughts and prayers.

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