Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lily to ER

Lily was rushed to the ER at 5:00 pm today because she became unresponsive upon waking up.  They did a CAT scan on her brain and found a mass on her right side and needed to do surgery immediately because it was being bled into.  They removed 80% of the mass but they did a preliminary biopysis and it is stage 4 malignant glioma, which is a cancerous tumor.  It doesn't look good but we are praying for a miracle.  She is sedated as I type this at 2:00 am and her vitals are good but her blood platelets are low so they are running a transfusion on her right now and she is under a paralytic and pain relievers to keep her comfortable. 

Sorry for any confusion if I didn't use the medical terms right, I am still trying to process everything.

Right now it is a wait and see from day to day.  So please keep Lily in your prayers that God's will be done and we have the peace to accept it.

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