Thursday, June 25, 2009


You all have truly made me believe in the power of prayer!!!  Words alone cannot express how much our family appreciates all the love and support you guys have given us in the past 2 days (hard to believe since it feels like we have been here for a month or so)!! 
We were given a little ray of sunshine yesterday afternoon and Lily has been stable and has started to move and opened her eyes a couple of times.  The neurosurgeon wants to send Lily back to the OR to take out the rest of the tumor.  The MRI results from yesterday morning showed that there is a demarkation of the rest of the tumor, that appears that the tumor has been self contained and Dr Leudon is hoping that when he goes back in he will see that the tumor can easily be removed.  She will be moved to CHOC of Orange sometime today and then is scheduled to be in surgery at 1pm on Friday which should last about 3-4 hours.
So please continue to keep Lily in your thoughts and prayers especially the next 2 days that she continues to remain stable and grow stronger for the surgery and will get through the surgery just fine and the doctor and his team be able to remove the rest of the tumor without any complications.
I really REALLY really believe that your prayers, love and support have brought us this miracle thus far and have given Lily the strength to fight and get through this ordeal, it's going to be a LONG uphill battle for her but I know you ALL are making a world of difference for her and we thank you ALL SO SO SO much.  Like I said earlier words cannot express the gratitude we are feeling and we are SO SO SO blessed to  have this much love and support.  You are not only giving Lily strength but also are giving us strength to deal with everything that is happening.  My tears have turned from tears of sadness to tears of thankfulness, joy and hope.

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