Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lily update

For some reason Lily's last MRI, 3 months ago, seemed like it took place longer ago than that. I guess it's been a busy summer. :-) Lily is scheduled to have her next MRI on Wednesday, September 21. Can you guys keep her in your prayers?  We are anxiously awaiting for her oncologist to move her MRIs to every 4 months but her cancer is rare so they want to stay on the cautionary stage and keep scanning her every 3 months.
Lily has officially entered her 'Terrible Twos' and we have nicknamed her 'Bully Lily'.  She is very headstrong and bosses Sammy and Danika around.  I can't complain because it is this same fighting spirit that has allowed her to overcome the obstacles she faces with the side effects of the chemo, tumor and surgery. She continues to do well in her therapies but her therapists tell me that they have to be creative to make her do things since she is showing her stubborness and fighting them to do her exercises.  She even started telling them "I don't wanna" which has been an effort for them to not bust out laughing.  She had a neuro-psych evaluation and her psychologist gave us a couple of things to watch for but he said that the tests he gave her all had average results which was good given that she had brain surgery at such a young age.  He definitely thinks all the therapies she is getting is helping. Thank God for early intervention programs!
As a family, we are getting excited for the CHOC Walk in October! I'm looking forward to our team raising awareness on childhood brain tumors and showing our gratitude for all that CHOC has given to our family.

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