Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lily MRI Result

Still Clear!!! Thank God!! I was shocked to get a phone call from Lily's pediatrician's office telling me that they had the MRI results. They told me that they think that they had faxed the results right after the MRI -- me and Magnus noticed that the hospital was pretty quiet yesterday so I guess they were able to get out the results right away.

Thanks so much for all your prayers, thoughts and well wishes!!  I hope I am not using up my favors but can you guy's keep my cousin's daughter/my god-daughter, Vivian in your thoughts and prayers?  She is in the NICU and has been pretty stable but developed an intestinal infection and is currently on antibiotics.  The next 24 hours are critical because if the antibiotics don't work they will have to do surgery on her.  She has just been through a critical heart surgery a month prior and is such a fighter but could use positive thoughts and prayers. Also please say a prayer for her parents and her twin sister. Thanks!

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