Friday, March 11, 2011

ALL CLEAR for Lily!!!

Whew after a crazy last 4 days, the oncologist called and said that Lily's scan 
results are still clear!!!  Yippee!  Thanks SO much for all your emails, 
thoughts and prayers!!!  I was reading the emails during Lily's MRI while in the 
waiting room and they helped calm me. 
The MRI almost didn't happen on Wednesday and we were supposed to get the 
results yesterday at Lily's oncologist appointment but Mission MRI Imaging hired 
a new person who is doing everything by the book so CHOC oncology couldn't get 
the results in time for Lily's appointment since the new person had sent it to 
medical records instead of faxing it to the oncology clinic.  I swear you would 
think that since Lily gets her scans every 3 months, things would become routine 
but each time something different happens -- never a dull moment! :-)  I'm just 
SO SO happy that she is still clear! 
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!

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