Monday, September 13, 2010

Time again

I can't believe this past 3 months snuck by me! Lily's first MRI after ending 
her chemotherapy is this coming Wednesday, September 15. Can you please say a 
prayer for her that she is still tumor-free? If all goes well and there are no 
signs of her tumor coming back, she will have her port-a-cath removed at the end 
of the month or beginning of October.  This will be a welcome relief because any 
fevers that Lily spikes after her port-a-cath is removed won't automatically 
mean a trip to the ER and hospital admittance. 
Two and a half weeks ago we celebrated a HUGE milestone of Lily - she took her 
first steps on her own and is continuing to walk further and is now learning to 
stand up without  using any props like the wall, couch or people :-) We are 
hoping she will be off and running in a couple of months. Although she does have 
to see an orthopedist to most likely get an ankle brace for her foot but this 
will hopefully aid in her walking more balanced. 
Thanks again for all of your love, support and prayers! I will email again soon 
with the results from the MRI.

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