Friday, January 15, 2010

Don't handicap the handicap

Lily had PT yesterday and the therapist said that this is the hardest stage of 
her rehabilitation - she knows what she wants and any therapy exercises she 
doesn't like, she will fight. So as gut-wrenching as her cries may be when we do 
the exercises, I have to keep doing them because I don't want to stunt her 
development. Plus she is at that stage where she is smart and if I do things for 
her, she will expect me to do them for her all the time. So little things like 
pushing her on her lil 'push and ride' and not letting her learn that she can 
push it herself will hinder her later. Stuff I didn't even think of when Danika 
was her age. I guess that's why he have a therapist for Lily so she can teach me 
new ways of thinking and correct the things I take for granted.

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