Friday, November 6, 2009


I think this was the worst Halloween I have ever had. A couple days before 
Halloween we got a note in our Goddard parent mailbox saying that there was a 
stomach bug going around school. Well Halloween morning I took Danika to her 
dance class and halfway through class she was complaining that her stomach hurt 
but we had a birthday party for one of her classmates to go to, so she said that 
her stomach didn't hurt bad enough to skip the party. I should have listened to 
my motherly instinct that told me not to go to the party but I didn't. So an 
hour into the party, Danika comes sits by me and all of a sudden throws up and 
this is not a little throw up - this is gushing throw up. So picture this, there 
is a pool of throw up on the ground, Danika is crying and Sammy is just hanging 
out in his baby bjorn. Yup I was carrying him! So one of the mothers at the 
party offered to get Sammy from me so I can comfort Danika and clean up after 
her. I felt so bad! We'll see if we get invited to anymore birthday parties 
after this. :-) Actually, the parents were being all nice and helping me but I 
felt bad and hoped that I didn't scare any of the parents. So we hightailed it 
out of there and went home. 
When I spoke to the nurse to find out how I should treat Danika's illness she 
told me to be very careful because what she had was high;y contagious! Well here 
I am already freaked out about Lily catching a cold and now we had to deal with 
a real virus entering our house. So we tried to keep Danika in her room but she 
didn't want to be left alone (I am SO going to make her read this when she 
becomes a teenager and locks herself up in her room). Then we had to make sure 
Lily didn't come into contact with anything of Danika's and then comfort Prince 
Sammy because he was acting like he was starved for our attention - clearly we 
were outnumbered! Danika was feeling better after 5 hours but we still had to 
keep the kids separate which is the hardest thing to do! Thank God my brother 
came to help us out a little for a couple of hours that evening. 
I am so scared that this is just the beginning of the many viruses and flu bugs 
that are going to visit us this season. I wish I could fast forward to April so 
we can bypass the whole flu season. I am just praying that no one comes down 
with anything serious, especially Lily. 

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